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About Allen

Screen and television writer, Poet, short story writer as well as a director. As a screenwriter writer he has six feature films to his credit: “Sweet Justice,” “Phantom of the Ritz,” “Night Screams,” “When,” “East/West Blues,” and “Muddy Puddles.”

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Story Behind The Pen

Allen Plone

When Plone moved to San Francisco from Philadelphia, aged 19, to continue college, the first place he visited, on that first weekend, was Cannery Row, in Monterey. A voracious reader his whole life and Steinbeck one of his favorite authors, it was his trip to the Holy Land. He walked the streets with Doc, and met all his favorite characters. No mystery why he became a writer.

Allen makes his living in the  film and television production industry  as a writer and director. He holds a Master’s Degree Comp.Lit/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and a PhD. History of Consciousness from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Spent 9 years as a college professor, at San Jose State University and the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he taught Philosophy, Literature and Psychology and Creative Writing. He also taught screenwriting at University of Southern California, in their Graduate Writers Program while working as  a full-time writer/director.  Allen’s passion is and has always been poetry and children’s stories.  He’s combined the two in five  of the children’s books he’s written; they’re all in rhymed couplets. He has published many poems in such journals as: Light Journal of Poetry and Photography, Moon Journal of Poetry, BTS Journal, The Sea Letter Journal, Celidah: A Journal of Poetry and others. He has also published several short stories, including “The Cowboy of My Heart,” which won the Rosebud Best Short Story award.

A Vegan, Allen is a strong advocate for animals, believing that we need to be compassionate to all living beings. He volunteers at animal shelters and, marrying his belief that the way we build a better society is through showing children the power of compassion through poetry and stories, he spends time reading to them  at schools and libraries.  

Allen's Award

The Awards I Received

This section showcases my achievements and recognition through various significant awards. Each award signifies acknowledgment and excellence in my work.

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