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Best Book Selling Author

Allen Plone

Along with his books, as a screenwriter,  Allen has written many scripts both for television and film. His scripts include the following ;  "Ride To Justice" & "Stranger Paths" with his writing partner, Chip Miller, "Sparrow Hawk," an action movie starring a Hopi woman as the lead, that takes place in 2035, after the water has run out and global warming has changed the world,  "Sweet Justice," an action motorcycle movie based loosely on Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai"  starring seven women, "Night Screams." "Muddy Puddles," about a dog, her person and a bad guy who kidnaps people's pets, "Bad Moon Rising," set in Appalachia,  it pits native witchcraft against a man who seeks power over compassion. "Marisol," a story about a young Latina girl, her love for her horse and her drive to go to the Olympics and several others. Allen has also directed three of these films.  His poetry and short stories have been published in many journals and literary magazines. 

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"I write because it's who I am. It isn't always easy, but it's always necessary. Poetry is my first love. It's where I am most exposed, yet most comfortable. I have loved children's books since I was a child and have passionately read them since. I love writing them. My goal in all my work, film or literature, is to bring compassion for all beings into existence."

Listen to Allen as he reads one of his favorite poems, "Finding My High School Yearbook."

 Children's   Books
Poetry Books
Inspritational books

Listen to the poem.

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Allen's Latest Releases

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Our Favourite Reads

Inspirational Books


Compassionate Eye

Compassionate Eye is a book meant to help achieve insight into living a more compassionate life and living in the moment, through aphorisms and images.



More Than Song

A collection of poems and images about the animals, birds, flowers and trees that we live with. An homage to the beauty that surrounds us and that we too often take for granted.



The Baron: The Dog Who Trained Me

The story of Rufus, an adopted dog, who taught so much to the family who was fortunate enough to be chosen by him. His given name was Rufus, but his chosen one was The Baron von Pfeffernuese. A poet, philosopher and student of the world, Rufus co-wrote this delightful book, filled with pictures and poems, as well as his story, with his chosen person, Allen. 


Children's Books

All Children's books just $10.00


As I Sit In My Garden

Join Karen and all her friends, the birds, insects, bees and of course, her doggie Rufus as they sit each morning in her garden sipping tea. Stunning illustrations and rhymed couplets make this a perfect book to share. 

music fairies cover.jpg

Music Fairies

In every city, big or small, beneath the largest tree in a special park live a family of very special fairies. Special because they are in charge of the notes that make all our music. What happens when those notes escape? This is a tale of how working together, the fairies find the lost notes and bring music back to people

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Ned Smiles

Ned is a very special little boy who just wants everyone to share in his smiles. From his friends to the local grocer and the mailperson, he shares his smile making each one he meets just a little happier. 


The Angel Who Sang

Puere is a special young Angel. He's so filled with joy, that all he wants is to sing his happiness for all to hear. Unfortunately, he has a terrible voice. This is the story of how the conductor of the Heavenly Choir teaches him how to share his joy even with a terrible voice.

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Poems By Allen Plone



a star fell

near the Baron’s nose

waking him


not unfamiliar

with a bit of heaven

he reached out


nipped its nearest point

drew the light closer

took it to his mouth


where it glowed

bright as a sun

from beneath his smile


tossing his head

he launched it skyward

back to Sirius


there it burned

brighter than ever

LISTEN PLEASE                                                      


if you have never           

talked to a tree  


asked permission                      from the grass you tread            

thanked the flower

for its scent


or the field

for its harvest


these are conversations

you have missed


with the wisest

of us all

allen's tree sketch with crow.jpg

Allen's Photography

All photographs and images are for sale. Unframed 8x10 images in an acid-free museum matt, $50. Framed 8x10 images in custom frame, $125.

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